Wednesday, December 24, 2008

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We are a Marine Online Magazine and Directory of boat listings, events , fishing,
power sports, boating links, boat magazines, marinas, photo gallery etc.

Now that the boating season is approaching us and boaters and bass men are uncovering their boats, servicing and getting ready for the season the news, stories and articles will surface for us to publish.

As we attend more and more events we will inform you with photos to view and articles to read.
If you have something of value for sale, boats, parts, fishing supplies and equipment, tow vehicles and so on, then feel free to list them in our classifieds and stories in our forum.

Nautical Thunder Magazine .com is in its fourth year in existance.
We are in an All Out Effort to help the Boat Manufacturers that supported Nautical Reflections boat cleaner and wax (in it's 14th year in existance), to aid in producing boats sales in a Volatile Economy.

There has always been strength in unity and now is the perfect time for U.S. American Manufacturing Companies to survive.

This is why we are donating our time and money to support all the boat manufacturers that we can and have known throughout the years from manufacturing and selling Nautical Reflections boat wax.

By designing and building these blogs which link directly to each specific boat manufacturers web site, we hope to create additional sales and support.

Readers that wish to support Nautical Thunder Magazine .com can Donate to our cause.

Boat Manufacturers that wish to donate, Click Flag